Pre – Imbolc, Pre – Spring

Imbolc is next week. I’m not sure how exactly we are going to celebrate yet. Its on a Tuesday so it will probably be just the three of us. Although it usually is just the three of us for our celebrations.  There are times that I would like to be a part of group or church, but I also like that’s its just me, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The beginning of spring is Imbolc. I cant wait to start planting and planning for the garden. We will be moving in April this year. Just from one apartment to another so, I will do some container gardening.  Lots of planning to do.  January had been pretty good so far and February is looking to be even better.



Personal Day!

YAY….kinda.  So I take a personal day from work, even emailed all my co-workers, principle, other assistants etc. I have a few appointments and the big case conference. I thought I would get a lot done today. Um nope I’m sick.  The one day I’m without my own kids AND kindergardeners.  I cant wait for spring break….

Happy 2016!

Its going to be a GREAT year! So far so good.


New Years Eve was spent at home with two of my most favorite people ever, Thing 1 and Thing 2. I don’t like going out on New Years Eve, I have always had more fun at home. Being at home and doing exactly what I want to do when the new year rolled felt great.


Only 19 days into this year and we have started this year out right. We have been swimming, had cousins spend the night with us. dinner out with one of the Aunts, 3 pizza nights, book shopping (plus other shopping of course) made some great financial decisions and made plans for upcoming months.  Plus so much more!  We have been busy and we have taken time to relax.


Making some business action plans and getting things to roll out.  I am happy to say things are moving along very well.  Now to get busy again.





Restarting college

Decision made.

I am enrolling in a university again.

I was in college when I became pregnant with the twins. I had changed my major from Psychology to Nursing and just  been accepted into clinical’s  when we found out .  I had planned to return to finish my degree while the boys were still young.  That never happened. Every time I tried to go back there was always a reason why I couldn’t.  Before the separation, my then husband told me I would never go back.. He was putting his foot down and I needed to let it go.

I am NOT letting it go.

So wish me luck because I am starting the process of restarting school.

Struggling but happy

Sometimes I don’t know how I pull things off.  I really don’t. One of my favorite things that I say (in my head mind you) is “I just did that by the skins of  my teeth. Breath.”

Struggling to just pay rent and my light bill is an every month deal lately. Once I start getting caught up on bills there is always another fall out.  This past month and a half I have dealt with going two weeks without a check because of fall break, no child support (not unusual) being sick, going to hospital and then being sick again.

With all this and more going on I have to say, I am still not unhappy.  Yes I have a lot of stress and a lot of worries but at the same time I am more happy now than I was two years ago.

I will push on, I will be happy. I will enjoy life with my awesome twins. They are my focal point and my reason for not giving up.

Thank you to the Best. Kids. Ever. for pushing me to be more and go beyond my abilities.

Fall Break!

One week down, one week to go. Our fall break had a great start to it. The awesome Red Wings opening night, then continued all week with two new movies, the Teen staying with us, the Baby, seeing friends, eating lunch with Aunts and Gram, pizza night, gaming and more. It was busy but we made time to relax too.  This week is just as busy. The Twins started their week-long S.T.E.M. camp today. They both like it and eager to return tomorrow.  While they are away, I am on the hunt for a second job, attending a training for work, have a prosecutors appointment, and will babysitting the Baby later this week. Plus we still have to fit in the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch and the Headless Horseman event at Connor Prairie. Our lives are for sure busy, but by the Gods we will live and love to the fullest!


Red Wings opening night!

Holy crap he scored a hat trick on opening night!!! Yup I’m talking about the one and only Justin “thatguy” Abdelkader.  The red wings home opener was an amazing game! The new guy, Center Dylan Larkin, made an assist and a goal in his first NHL seasonal game, and Ericsson is fighting and mouthin off already. All that mixed in with the other players doing their thing and shutting out Babcock? It was an amazing game, just amazing!

It was also a Friday night in which, at my house, is pizza and movie night with the Aunts. I have just hooked up cable and internet again after a very long two months without them, but the game was on a channel I do not get. Disappointing, right?  Well, little problem solver me found a way around that. Buffalo Wild Wings. Yup, they have every sports channel one could need for their every Red Wings hockey enjoyment. Thing 1, Thing 2 and I met with the Aunts there and had a fab time. Minus an Aunt and baby (baby was sick). Also met up with my step son and his mother (I still get the Teen about every other weekend or so) there for the last 20 min of game.

Gotta love Hockey and Family.


SIDE NOTE:  I don’t think I have mentioned it on here before but the nick name I gave Abdelkader is because I couldn’t and still can’t say his name right. He is my favorite player. The Aunts tease me all the time saying “It’s “thatguy” Justin and I just cant help but say no its Justin “thatguy”  you would just have to be there. 🙂