University Switch?

Thinking of switching to a different university. Right now I am taking all my classes on line. I’m thinking of switching to a University that I can attend classes full time. It would require me to not return to work at the elementary school because of course timing and all that. I would still work as a leasing consultant part time but also transition into the Real Estate world, which I really want to do.  I’m in the middle of collecting all the information from the university that I would transfer to, which would also be cheaper to attend.  Although, I’m in my forties and just really want to get this degree and get on with things in life. I feel like the new university would get me there faster.

The scary part is starting a new career in real estate as a single mom. I just interviewed with what seems to be a really great company. They offer tons of training and help through out my career.  I a m leaning towards this direction. I feel like I need a positive change in life and this may be just what I needed.

Now, who wants to hold my hand?


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