Stumbling Upon New Adventures

So, its been almost a year since I’ve blogged. So much started happening in my life, I really should have typed it all down here. So last year, I enrolled at a university and have been taking classes up until about two months ago. A class I was in was not going well due to not having internet.  I discontinued the class and took a short leave of absence. I start again in July. It was a very good thing I did though because my real estate classes were coming to an end and I really needed to study. I’m so happy to say that I received my Real Estate Broker certificate and will be taking the state test to get my license. AHHHH the feeling of accomplishment. One school down and one to go.

Not only did I start school but I also started a second and third job. So I went to school online, worked at an elementary school, tutored and work as a part time leasing consultant.

It’s a lot right? yeah add the twins’ after school activities onto all of that.

Now for summer time and to refresh.  Or, to get more projects up and running……



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