NO Beach this year? No problem.

It’s the big time for vacations. I’ve seen people posting every where about leaving for or coming home from vacations and all kinds of advise and advertisement’s  for all the things you need for vacations. I especially love to read about single mothers taking their kids and sharing their stories. I am not going anywhere this summer. I have only been divorced for a year and I am still not financially ready for any extra’s. That being said, we are having a fantastic summer! I work at an elementary school with a “balanced schedule”. Which means our school system has two weeks off in the Fall, Winter, Spring and two MONTHS off for the Summer. I’m an hourly worker, so I don’t have the option of stretching out my check through out the summer. So there is no income coming in. Last year being my first year working in this type of environment (I was a pre-k teacher before so I worked year ’round), now I know what I can expect so next year I CAN go to the beach that has been calling to me.

To make this Summer fun, I came up with a reading challenge. Depending on the level of reading the three of us had two weeks to read a certain number of books. Who ever won got to choose the family activity. So far, the activities have been laser tag, go carts, a just released movie, a day at a local water park,  and the most recent one (which we are planning in two weekends from now) was a night camping. In between the challenges we have filled our time with doing free things (or near to free) around our city. The children’s  Museum, The Eiteljorg  Museum, Conner Prairie, etc. We have spent a lot of time at our YMCA, the skate park, the libraries and of course two weeks of STEM camp. There is still so much to do before we return to school that is on our list and we are running out of Summer time. School starts in two weeks. We are just not ready yet.   I love my job, no doubt, but I’m having such a great time with my own kids. I love just spending time with them.  I am so thankful that I have the two months vacation time with the frat brats.


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