Choosing a GYM

I have decided to join a gym. I have been going back and forth on whether or not too because hey I can get fit on my own and I have the knowledge to do so. Except for the fact that I have been way too lazy and I just need to get off of my butt and do this thing.

I have it narrowed down to two after all the research. I have been very careful in my search and really looked at each one and what they had to offer. There were a few that I really like but was either way to pricey or didn’t except kids under a certain age. Fratbrats need to work on their fitness just as much as I do. One twin is (or seems) very healthy and at at healthy weight. The other is getting a bit lazy like me lately.

My thoughts are, if we join the YMCA there are classes and programs for all three of us. Plus we can add to our workouts at home when we can not get to the gym. Like I said we have plenty of things at home to use and I have to know how. I just need accountability. Who is going to be accountable for me but me.

I’m really excited about my decision. I am not excited about the first few weeks of pain and being out of breath though. I know that this is always my issue when starting a new routine. SO …. I have a plan. I’m going to start Tabatas and Yoga now so when we go next week to sign up maybe it wont be so bad.

My new mantra: #noworriesivegotthis

#healthyme #healthyfamily


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