…does not work well with adults.

That ^ should be on a mandatory work t-shirt just for me. No joke. I really do love my job. I’m a instructional assistant for Kindergarten.  I left my teaching job in Pre-k (in which I practically ran the center along with my job with the same crap pay and a ton of stress) that I also loved and went to this-new-to-me position at a completely different and LARGER school.  I love working with the smaller group of kids and the stress is so much less.  I just don’t love dealing with the adult people  who seem to always want to be negative. I’m over that kind of drama and I refuse to get sucked into it. REFUSE. I will not, however, be spoken down to. Period. Do no harm, but take no shit.

With that being said, I work in two different classrooms and after the not so great morning, I went into my second class of the day. I’m so glad my favorite teacher to work with was not mad when I was cracking up in class while the she was talking. Ooops. But when I child says something that comes out of a classic cartoon without realizing it…well laughter is always a good thing, right? I can not even remember what she said today but I think I will always remember how she made me feel so much better with out her even knowing how upset I was.







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