Okay, I know I’m sharing a lot today but it feels good to get this outta my head. Which is why I love to journal. Since no one reads my journals, it feels just as good sharing here also. Maybe Ill find someone out there that has just as much stuff on their plate as I do ūüôā

I have a few projects in the works that are what some people call side jobs. There is just so much out there that is interesting and I want to do in life. One of them is becoming a healthier me. Goal one, right? Well, another is candle making.  I stopped doing this because of the divorce but now that its been a few years on my own I wanted to restart this. Doing some research, I discovered Young Living Oils.  I joined and love it!

Going to try my oils in my new batch of candles today…cant wait to see how they turn out ūüôā


Does Mowing Grass Count

I am on this fitness kick again. When I stop, its not because I hate it or don’t believe in it, its time restraints. ¬†But now I am absolutely resolved to put our health first. ¬†Period. ¬†Starting today I am doing yoga and starting tabata exercises. I was going to do these this morning but had another head ache when I woke up (it happens often now). So I waited a bit until my head calmed down. Well, I waited a bit too long and needed to do other things so I got started on my chore list of the day. ¬†One of those chores (out of many) was mowing our yard. Does this physical activity count and working out? ’cause geesh, it feels like it!

So yoga  and tabata tonight when the day cools off a bit.

University Switch?

Thinking of switching to a different university. Right now I am taking all my classes on line. I’m thinking of switching to a University that I can attend classes full time. It would require me to not return to work at the elementary school because of course timing and all that. I would still work as a leasing consultant part time but also transition into the Real Estate world, which I really want to do. ¬†I’m in the middle of collecting all the information from the university that I would transfer to, which would also be cheaper to attend. ¬†Although, I’m in my forties and just really want to get this degree and get on with things in life. I feel like the new university would get me there faster.

The scary part is starting a new career in real estate as a single mom. I just interviewed with what seems to be a really great company. They offer tons of training and help through out my career.  I a m leaning towards this direction. I feel like I need a positive change in life and this may be just what I needed.

Now, who wants to hold my hand?

Stumbling Upon New Adventures

So, its been almost a year since I’ve blogged. So much started happening in my life, I really should have typed it all down here. So last year, I enrolled at a university and have been taking classes up until about two months ago. A class I was in was not going well due to not having internet. ¬†I discontinued the class and took a short leave of absence. I start again in July. It was a very good thing I did though because my real estate classes were coming to an end and I really needed to study. I’m so happy to say that I received my Real Estate Broker certificate and will be taking the state test to get my license. AHHHH the feeling of accomplishment. One school down and one to go.

Not only did I start school but I also started a second and third job. So I went to school online, worked at an elementary school, tutored and work as a part time leasing consultant.

It’s a lot right? yeah add the twins’ after school activities onto all of that.

Now for summer time and to refresh. ¬†Or, to get more projects up and running……


NO Beach this year? No problem.

It’s the big time for vacations. I’ve seen people posting every where about leaving for or¬†coming home from vacations and all kinds of advise and advertisement’s¬† for all the things you need for vacations. I especially love to read about single mothers taking their kids and sharing their stories. I am not going anywhere this summer. I have only been divorced for a year and I am still not financially ready for any extra’s. That being said, we are having a fantastic summer! I work¬†at an elementary school with a “balanced schedule”. Which means our school system has two weeks off in the Fall, Winter, Spring and two MONTHS off for the Summer. I’m an hourly worker, so I don’t have the option of stretching out my check through out the summer. So there is no income coming in. Last year being my first year working in this type of environment (I was a pre-k teacher before so I worked year ’round), now I know what I can expect so next year I CAN go to the beach that has been calling to me.

To make this Summer fun, I came up with a reading challenge. Depending on the level of reading the three of us had two weeks to read a certain number of books. Who ever won got to choose the family activity. So far, the activities have been laser tag, go carts, a just released movie, a day at a local water park,¬† and the most recent one (which we are planning in two weekends from now) was a night camping. In between the challenges we have filled our time with doing free things (or near to free) around our city. The children’s ¬†Museum, The Eiteljorg ¬†Museum, Conner Prairie, etc. We have spent a lot of time at our YMCA, the skate park, the libraries¬†and of course two weeks of STEM camp.¬†There is still so much to do before we return to school that is on our list and we are running out of Summer time. School starts in two weeks.¬†We are just not ready yet.¬†¬† I love my job, no doubt, but I’m having such a great time with my own kids. I love just spending time with them.¬† I am so thankful that I have the two months vacation time with¬†the frat brats.

Choosing a GYM

I have decided to join a gym. I have been going back and forth on whether or not too because hey I can get fit on my own and I have the knowledge to do so. Except for the fact that I have been way too lazy and I just need to get off of my butt and do this thing.

I have it narrowed down to two after all the research. I have been very careful in my search and really looked at each one and what they had to offer. There were a few that I really like but was either way to pricey or didn’t except kids under a certain age. Fratbrats need to work on their fitness just as much as I do. One twin is (or seems) very healthy and at at healthy weight. The other is getting a bit lazy like me lately.

My thoughts are, if we join the YMCA there are classes and programs for all three of us. Plus we can add to our workouts at home when we can not get to the gym. Like I said we have plenty of things at home to use and I have to know how. I just need accountability. Who is going to be accountable for me but me.

I’m really excited about my decision. I am not excited about the first few weeks of pain and being out of breath though. I know that this is always my issue when starting a new routine. SO …. I have a plan. I’m going to start Tabatas and Yoga now so when we go next week to sign up maybe it wont be so bad.

My new mantra: #noworriesivegotthis

#healthyme #healthyfamily

…does not work well with adults.

That ^ should be on a mandatory work t-shirt just for me. No joke.¬†I really do love my job. I’m a instructional assistant for Kindergarten.¬† I left my teaching job in Pre-k (in which I practically ran the center along with my job with the same crap pay and a ton of stress) that I also loved and went to this-new-to-me position at a completely different and LARGER school.¬† I love working with the smaller group of kids and the stress is so much less.¬† I just don’t love dealing with the adult people¬†¬†who seem to always want to be negative. I’m over that kind of drama and I refuse to get sucked into it. REFUSE. I will not, however, be spoken down to. Period. Do no harm, but take no shit.

With that being said, I work in two different classrooms and after the not so great morning, I went into my second class of the day. I’m so glad my favorite teacher to work with was not mad when I was¬†cracking up in class while the¬†she was talking. Ooops. But when I child says something that comes out of a classic cartoon without realizing it…well laughter is always a good thing, right? I can not even remember what she said today but I think I will always remember how she made me feel so much better with out her even knowing how upset I was.